The history of popcorn

It was in fact the North American Indians who invented or more appropriate discovered popcorn. The story is that by accident, corn kernels fell into burning embers of the fire and suddenly there was corn popping everywhere.

The Indians thought for a long time that is was an evil spirit that exploded in the fire. But over time they figured it out and ''the white gold' was used as gifts for visitors and guests. It is said that Columbus was welcomed with warm popcorn.

If we try to go further back in time, archaeologists seems to have proof, that the Inka Indians in South American also ate popcorn. Ancient examples of pots have been found, which indicate that popcorn may have been cooked by Inkas at that time.

Popcorn today:
Since the days of North and South American Indians popcorn production a great deal has happened with the next biggest single significant development in popcorn being the introduction of microwave popcorn. Jim Watkins was the inventor of microwave popcorn, sold his first bag of popcorn in 1971, and now owns the company Popz Holding LLC.

A popping machine which produces popcorn at home to the same high standard as microwave popcorn has not yet been invented. So to improve microwave popcorn our focus is to make the microwave bag safer, more functional and more practical.

Popz Europe and popcorn:
Popz has produced popcorn in Denmark since the 1950's. It all started with ready to eat popcorn and corn kernels for home popping, and our special corn & oil ready for cooking in a pot.


In 1991 Popz Denmark was the first company in Europe to install a production line for microwave popcorn.


In the autumn of 2001 Popz Denmark merged with Jim Watkins and his company Popz Holding LLC.


In 2011 we moved the production facility from Denmark to Hungary and Popz Europe Kft. in Debrecen is today one of Europe’s largest producers of microwave popcorn and with no doubt the leading producer when it comes to product quality, product variety and the most innovative packaging.

Popz Europe Sales ApS - Sorøvej 11 - 4200 Slagelse - Denmark - Phone: +45 58 56 53 53 - Fax: +45 58 52 62 42 - ask@popz.com


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